Saturday, December 13, 2008

Xkcd in French

xkcd is really great to illustrate your lectures (or to spend some time on weekends), when you teach computer science. But not all French students understand English well enough. Well, sometimes I don't understand some subtle lines myself...

So, I've prepared a web interface to translate xkcd comics to French. The idea is to add the translation below the drawings (modifying the drawing would be quite difficult to do), and the idea is that:
  • everybody can submit a new translation, or a better one,
  • links can be inserted inside the translation, to give some reference which would be obvious to Americans, but not the French readers.
  • moderators choose the best translation.
The website is written in PHP/MySql, with a structure close to my website on Pessoa's tourist guide for Lisbon. It can be easily adapted to other languages (contact me if you're interested).

So now it's your turn, translate the comics! And don't forget to translate the title and the alt-text, which is sometimes the most tricky part!

More details on this project here (in French).